CEO Leanne Kemp named Adjunct Professor for Queensland’s Griffith University

PRESS RELEASE: 26 October 2021 | View as PDF

CEO and Founder of Everledger, Leanne Kemp, has been appointed as Adjunct Professor in the Department of Business, Strategy and Innovation for Queensland’s Griffith University. 

Spanning two years, the Adjunct Professorship recognises Ms Kemp’s leadership and standing in the business community and will be an opportunity to play an important role in the research, teaching and learning of the University. 

Working with Professor Dian Tjondronegoro, Acting Head of Department of Business, Strategy and Innovation, Ms Kemp’s role will assist the University deploy practical and commercial use cases for entrepreneurial innovations. 

“I am very excited to accept this appointment, the opportunities it presents and look forward to working with Griffith University,” said Ms Kemp,

“As one of Queensland’s leading universities, and among the top 2% of universities worldwide, I have always been impressed by Griffith University to uncover the marvels of innovation science through impressive research disciplines and turn the theory of the classroom into practical use throughout the world.

“There is a real opportunity here to ensure Queensland students can learn about new technologies, innovation practises or business dimensional change. This will empower students to take these learnings and create new ways of working themselves, while also implementing what they are learning into creating real solutions for the many issues facing the world right now,” said Ms Kemp.

Professor Tjondronegoro, Acting Head of Business Strategy and Innovation Department at Griffith University, welcomed the news of Ms Kemp’s appointment.

“The role of an Adjunct Professor is as a leader and mentor for our students and academic staff. We have followed Leanne Kemp’s trajectory over several years, and particularly since she started Everledger in 2015 with interest. In that time, we have seen Ms Kemp go from strength to strength in both innovation and business, including her recent receipt of the prestigious Clunies Ross Award for Entrepreneur of the Year.

“Seeing how Kemp combined complex technologies, like blockchain, AI, Machine Vision & IoT to create transparent & environmentally resilient supply chains was a game-changer and continues to drive innovation in many fields. We are looking forward to working with Ms Kemp to see how we can embed innovation, entrepreneurial thinking and learning into our research and teaching,” said Professor Tjondronegoro.

Professor Rosemary Stockdale, Dean of Engagement, Griffith Business School, said it is always exciting when the Business School develops strong relationships with the industry.

“In the case of Everledger, this has led to some innovative and groundbreaking research. We are delighted to welcome Leanne Kemp as an adjunct professor to strengthen the relationships and to work with her to find new ways to collaborate.

“Griffith Business School values its Adjuncts and the experience and insights they bring to our research. This appointment is an excellent example of the strong connections and many benefits that the relationships with Everledger has brought,” said Professor Stockdale. 

Griffith University has six campuses in South East Queensland and a network of more than 200,000 graduates in Australia and around the world. 

Ms Kemp has previously held an Adjunct Professorship at the Queensland University of Technology’s Institute for Future Environments boosting entrepreneurship and blockchain initiatives for the University. Ms Kemp was Queensland Chief Entrepreneur for two years (2018 – 2020) and holds a range of advisory roles, including at the United Nations, OECD, World Economic Forum and Global Blockchain Business Council. 

The Adjunct Professor, Department of Business, Strategy and Innovation, Griffith University runs from July 2021 through June 2023. 

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