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The Everledger Platform supports demand generation, sustainability and compliance for global supply chains


Everledger brings additional transparency to a variety of industries by highlighting key characteristics of assets on the platform: quality, origin, sustainability footprint, and compliance standards.


View, store and search asset information on demand – and make it available to your customers and end consumers.

By making asset information easily accessible and verifiable, our platform allows trust to take root and spread throughout industries.

Create a digital twin of your asset, and trace its journey on a secure, unalterable and private platform.

Support your sustainability and compliance claims with independent, time-stamped evidence. We are ISO27001-certified, evidencing the highest level of trust on information security and data protection.

Gain unprecedented visibility and confidence, powered by our stack of seamlessly integrated technologies.

Demonstrate your brand’s sustainability claims, such as ethical sourcing or environmental impact, with a secure, unalterable record of an asset’s lifetime journey.

Applications of the Everledger Platform

Everledger leverages a symphony of technologies, including blockchain and IoT, to offer supply chain transparency, object traceability, trustworthiness of claims, and useful digital identities. Our ecosystem of tools are layered for tailored use and applications.

Blockchain helps to build trust and transparency by enabling an audit trail of persistent object identity over time. The Everledger Platform operates on a private blockchain network with enterprise speed and capability, where object details and associated processing events can be easily added. This data writes new information to the ledger in what is considered a ‘block.’ Each new block contains within it a cryptographic hash, and because all records are connected by their hash value, they are immutable and cannot be changed.

Then, in using the platform as an onramp for the use of blockchain, participants don’t need any special tools or technical understanding to benefit from the underlying technology. You can start sourcing elusive assets, validate that something is what it says it is, upload data to substantiate claims that you want to make, connect with suppliers and retailers or transfer ownership of assets, and dig into analytics.

Rely on Everledger’s REST API and infrastructure services for uploading data to the Everledger Platform, include blockchain-backed data for every asset on the platform within other sites, or associate transactions so that inventory displays are universally updated and immutable transfers of ownership are recorded. 

Producers on the Everledger Platform can now use Identify to provide clear evidence of production details for object-level provenance records that are added to the blockchain. This makes it easy to engage with customers and tell a verifiable story about your product.

Capture supply chain records

By leveraging blockchain and IoT, manufacturers, certification houses, and retailers can evidence the origin, ownership, and characteristics of the products and materials they trade. With access to an asset’s provenance record from any device, Everledger Capture enables everyone along the supply chain to build more trust in their business.

Amplify your assets

With a suite of powerful APIs, you can efficiently call on an object, material, or an entity’s provenance data from the Everledger Platform and render that information within your own site. Organisations can customize their use of an asset’s provenance data, the frequency of requests made to the Everledger Platform, and the ways in which digital ownership is transferred to customers at the point of sale. Everyone in the value chain benefits from the ability to discover and demonstrate value with blockchain-backed provenance records alongside physical and virtual inventory.

Identify product provenance

Authenticate, transfer, and track products by creating digital identities and custom experiences that are accessed with mobile device interaction. Simply use the Everledger Platform to add to an object’s provenance record with richer details such as who created it, where it was made, and how it came to be. Then, easily configure a secure landing page that’s consistent with your brand and reached only through your product. By applying a security layer of IoT sensors, intelligent labelling, synthetic DNA, or machine vision, product authentication and ownership events can write new information to the blockchain for the highest level of brand protection.

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