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Cut through the complexity of compliance claims


Substantiate the origin of assets or materials

You will be able to use this claims summary when you can substantiate the origin of key materials used in a product. This is helpful if your goal is to substantiate authenticity of origin or producer. For example, a diamond from Canada, a whisky from Japan.


Prove your energy or water sustainability claims

Everledger captures goals and documents tracking progress towards your Greenhouse gas emissions (GHG). This includes renewable and non-renewable energy, and offsets.  This will soon be expanded to Water and Carbon.

Chain of Custody Full

Demonstrate you have full traceability for your product from origin to market

Substantiate a full chain of custody for a product or its materials. This does not mean making a full supply chain public, rather creating the document trail for audit by approved auditors. 

Circular Economy

Evidence the traceability, recycling and reuse of materials

Demonstrate your product’s materials have come from a recyclable source, or your role in participating in the circular economy. 

Human Rights

Promote efforts towards inclusive and fair employment and sustainable communities

Provide evidence of your social investment in communities, such as education and health. Provide substantiation of your fair and inclusive workforce practices and adherence to labour rights best practices.


Demonstrate your are meeting your legal and compliance obligations

Provide evidence, audits and certifications towards demonstrating your compliance with legal requirements for your business and industry. 

Ledger Participation

Show how blockchain is giving your claims greater credibility and trustworthiness

Blockchain has a unique decentralised quality. Which means multiple parties can independently contribute information giving robustness to claims being made. This Claims Summary Badge can be used when multiple independent supply chain parties are all working together to enhance the traceability of a product. 

Animal Rights

Demonstrate your efforts towards positive animal welfare

Show how your business practices and supply chain are working on positive animal welfare and meeting animal testing compliance requirements.

Backed with verifiable data, claims summary badges help businesses communicate easily where you are making significant progress on your sustainability and traceability goals.

Everledger draws on independent standards and recognisable audits and certifications, all immutable recorded on the Everledger Platform.

Secure data recording

We develop technology to create a secure and permanent digital record of an asset’s origin, characteristics and the way in which it was produced. This transparency helps industries respond to growing expectations for sustainable, verifiable sourcing.    

Our solutions are built on not only advanced technology, but also deep knowledge of industries, rooted in corporate citizenship principles. 

Create you own private, secure and auditable records of the progress your company is making toward sustainability goals. 

Track your progress. Compare to industry.

Capture metrics that matter. Report on your progress over time. Release the data to stakeholders, on your website, or whenever you need to substantiate the actions your company is taking towards offsetting emissions, water usage, compliance, labour rights or more.

Save time and money – capture sustainability information one time for multiple uses.

See how your progress compares to others in your industry, or aim towards your next accreditation.


Efficient audits & compliance

Multiple requests for data from multiple sources for multiple compliance commitments. Auditors. Regulators. Accreditors.
It can be a time-intensive and costly business to do ‘good’ business. 
We make it easy to capture data securely once, and use it multiple times over. Whatever your goals are, we can help you attain them (and keep them!) 


Case Studies

Learn how we have helped our partners surface and converge richer asset information, contributing to the marketplaces where transparency matters most.

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