A verified marketplace for assets with blockchain-backed authenticity and provenance.

Contribute and discover verifiable provenance data

Unbox the lifetime story of any product

By leveraging blockchain and IoT, manufacturers, certification houses, and retailers can evidence the origin, ownership, and characteristics of the products and materials they trade. With access to an asset’s provenance record from any device, Everledger Capture enables everyone along the supply chain to build more trust in their business.

Today retailers use it to discover assets such as diamonds by origin, environmental performance, and legal chain-of-custody (criteria previously inaccessible at scale for diamond buyers). Now with an enterprise-grade blockchain platform, buyers and sellers of any kind of assets can now trade with confidence.

“We needed the most up-to-date technology to give ... full access to the diamond’s story. And the Everledger Platform brings this clarity to the market, together with GIA’s brand recognition and tradition in the industry.”


Use Capture for enhanced supply chain visibility

With Everledger Capture, you have a clear line-of-sight that runs from tiered suppliers and manufacturing all the way to end consumers. Start sourcing elusive assets, validate that something is what it says it is, upload data to substantiate claims that you want to make, connect with suppliers and retailers or transfer ownership of assets, and dig into analytics.

As a supplier, you can easily discover those buyers seeking new sources of value. As a retailer, you can be confident that suppliers meet your purchase criteria for compliance and sustainability, thereby protecting your brand’s reputation with substantiated claims.


  • Contributing diamond data is streamlined: Suppliers can upload product inventory information and choose the onboarding option that’s right for them with an established API interface.

  • Efficiently manage inventory: Share visibility of the same products with as many retailers as you like and trust that availability is universally updated when transfers of ownership occur, as blockchain provides the security that only one party can ever be the ‘owner’ of an asset at a time.

  • Have greater visibility into your suppliers: See any supplier’s overall inventory, sustainability metrics, and compliance at a glance. Access each asset’s unique provenance and chain of custody
  • Smart matchmaking with a tailored offering: By first being connected with the right suppliers, retailers can easily see the inventory they want. Assets can be filtered by keyword search, standard quality characteristics, sustainability efforts, and compliance standards.
  • See where supply and demand is headed: Gain better visibility into who has the inventory requirements and metrics that meet changing retail needs.

  • Easily review performance: Showcase and view inventory as a snapshot of total assets and transactions made on the platform, as well as how it measures up against quality characteristics, sustainability efforts, and compliance standards.

  • Make sustainability efforts relevant: Evidence your business sustainability goals by demonstrating your organization’s greenhouse gas (GHG) metrics and carbon offset activity over time.
  • Share visibility and manage chain of custody from the Vault: Each user’s Vault contains within it the digital twin of a diamond either uploaded or purchased, where forensic data, provenance events, and certifications are kept.

  • Traceability made easy: Suppliers can query all of their assets within their Vault and transfer ownership of each product as a blockchain-enabled, time-stamped event that sees data stored within the supplier’s channel moved into the retailer’s channel by simply entering the recipient’s email.
  • Leverage in-store experience and extend consumer engagement: Elevate the traditional retail exchange with authentic stories and validation of origin.Showcase certification data within the provenance record to offer the most complete picture possible.

  • Give your customers a story to share: Provenance records allow consumers to not only share the value and ethics behind their purchase with others but also provides retailers with a dynamic, long term connection with those customers. In the consumer Vault, proof of purchase and warranty information can also be preserved with retailer participation.



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