A blockchain platform for more accurate underwriting

For Insurers

By surfacing more accurate information, the Everledger platform helps the insurance industry to function with efficiency, and improve the experience for insurers and customers alike. This is particularly necessary for categories of luxury, fine art, jewellery, and specie where establishing authenticity is paramount and value can move significantly over time.


By truly understanding the materials, production, certificates and proof of purchase related to the lifecycle of an asset, insurers can assess ownership, premiums and replacement values more confidently.

Deliver a first-class experience by demonstrating a deep understanding of a customer’s loss and expedite the claims process to reduce cost and friction for everyone.

For Reinsurers

When society and stakeholders as a whole are less exposed to risks, businesses become more economically, socially, and environmentally sustainable.


Help customers run better businesses as detailed provenance information is used to better substantiate their underwriting decisions.

Improve reinsurance efficacy by fine-tuning exposures to improve the competitiveness of premiums or increase margins.

Support loss prevention with data-informed decisions that define more adequate policies and more competitive products.

The Benefits of Asset Tracking Software

In an age when brand loyalty is low and customer experience is vital, any difficulty in providing information can create friction for customers at the time of a claim. As high-value assets change hands, each party needs to know that the asset is real and that they are protected from loss.


By surfacing more accurate information, Everledger can help the insurance industry to function with efficiency, improving the experience for insurer and customer alike. Insurers, retailers, producers and consumers can come together behind a more unified and trustworthy set of asset information. Our solutions seek to automate processes and govern exchanges, to make insurance processes as simple, seamless and as low cost as possible.

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