Everledger NFT eBook

A resource guide to help brands bridge the gap between NFTs and Real world Assets (RWA)

Verify Real World Assets

From gems and jewellery to wines and spirits, Everledger was the first to add items like these to the blockchain. Today these digital twins for products are making primary and secondary sales more trustworthy, and are now able to be tokenized as NFTs. Everledger’s approach enables NFTs that are 100% transferable between wallets, they cost less to create and use 10 billion times less energy than what’s needed to make a bitcoin transaction.

By binding NFTs and physical assets, Everledger enables new ways to buy, insure, authenticate and trade any kind of object.  Provenance becomes part of the NFT. Applications include wine, art, apparel and luxury goods.

Everledger’s NFT Guide

Learn how Everledger helps digitally streamline your businesses’ NFT processes and share the history of your pieces more efficiently and accurately.

Topics covered in this eBook

  1. What is a Non Fungible Token (NFT)?
  2. What is Web3?
  3. The Intersection of Web3, NFTs, and Everledger
  4. Using NFTs for Product Commerce, Authentication, Compliance and Data Insights 
  5. Provenance-Enriched NFTs & Jewellery 
  6.  Everledger Blockchain Platform
  7. Use Cases: Fashion and Spirits

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