Impactful Partnerships and Research

Our collaborative partnerships vary across academic researchers, mentorship development, and project co-development.

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Impactful Partnerships and Research

Our solutions are built not only advanced technology, but also deep knowledge of industries, rooted in corporate citizenship principles. We work together with partners to increase their value – more responsibly, more sustainably and more efficiently. 
We have a range of products to help you achieve your sustainability goals. 


We collaborate extensively with WEF initiatives to shape global, regional, and industry agendas. Additionally, we contribute to WEF research, including System Initiatives and the Global Future Councils on blockchain and the future of  manufacturing. 

The OECD Blockchain Policy Centre supports policymakers to seize the opportunities of blockchain technology and address its challenges. We contribute to their Blockchain Policy Forum and Blockchain Advisory Board. 

UNECE is invested in sustainable development, particularly working towards full transparency, tracking and tracing using Everledger’s technology for circular and sustainable value chains within the fashion and footwear sector. 
FISITA’s goal is to promote knowledge sharing for the development of safe, sustainable and affordable mobility.
We provide technology leadership, with a focus on batteries.
We collaborate extensively with the Hyperledger Foundation to help advance their cross-industry blockchain technologies. 
GBBC advances understanding of blockchain technology among global regulators and business leaders.
We collaborate in GBBC workstreams and speak at key events.
Feel free to reach out, as we are always expanding our partnerships, and we work extensively across various industries. 

Academic Partnerships & Research Internships

Everledger works closely with many organizations and universities in several capacities, including:

  • We have internships working on real problems. Examples include:
    • Cornell: enabling Fair Price Alerts for artisanal miners.
    • Cornell: Blockchain for Sustainable Supply Chain due diligence.
    • Cornell: Analysis into On-Demand Gig Labor
    • University of Michigan: Digital Invoicing; Wine research
    • University of Washington: Lithium-Ion Battery Value chains
    • University of Santa Clara: Fair Value for Gemstones in East Africa

If you are studying or are looking to get practical research in your career, we have a series of internship opportunities. Learn More about what is available:

Gender Equality

Mentorship, Connection & Leadership


  • CE Labs
  • Circle Economy Research 
  • Climate-KIC Australia Ltd Entrepreneur Training

To provide you with as much information & give you experience we offer the following:

  • Intern Demo Days
  • Speaker Series
  • Team-building events
  • Community Engagements 
  • You may have an excellent idea! Do you want to pitch it to us?
  • Do you have a goal but need a partner? What about pitching for an open source product that should plug-into the Everledger eco-system? 

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