Leveraging the blockchain for fashion and apparel, via intelligent tagging that displays provenance and sustainability claims

For Suppliers

The Everledger platform allows all stakeholders along the supply chain to see the lifetime story of an asset — from origin to sustainability metrics — by tracking the ownership of its digital identity on a private blockchain. This makes supply chain information easier to verify and demonstrates product claims as a secure, unalterable record.


Save time and paperwork with traceable, audit-ready data that makes compliance more efficient.

Meet changing demands and buying behavior by making materials with verifiable provenance easy to discover.

For Brands

To build positive customer relationships and practices, brands are increasingly incorporating transparency in their supply chain. Everledger provides fashion brands with intelligent tags (including NFTs and NFCs) to store non-interchangeable units of data on the blockchain against a garment.


Track and trace a garment’s history, including where the material was sourced, how it was produced and its distribution.

Give your end customers confidence in claims of origin, legality, environment and human rights with immutable fashion records on the blockchain.

Blockchain-backed product authentication

Everledger helps brands to create digital identities of each item produced. Our solutions help identify fashion materials, garments and other luxury goods throughout the supply chain to continually ensure that the physical object and its digital record match up. Mobile device interaction with intelligent labels, NFTs or NFCs provide insight into origin events that are accessible with a quick scan of a code.

Logging the benefits of blockchain fashion sustainability and traceability

Improving transparency within the fashion industry is not an easy task. The sheer number of different connections and stakeholders involved in sourcing materials, shipping, manufacturing, distribution, packaging and marketing can create an immense environmental and social footprint. In truth, many brands only have oversight on their immediate supply chain partners, instead of the entire supply chain. Everledger makes it easy for fashion brands to track and trace provenance.

How fashion brands are taking advantage of blockchain apparel

The narrative around fast fashion – and its associated opaque supply chains, unsustainable sourcing, high water usage and global transportation impacts – has tarnished the whole fashion industry. Sustainable brands feel compelled to put distance between themselves and fast fashion by demonstrating their sustainable and high-welfare practices, particularly when it comes to using animal skins.

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