Blockchain-backed intelligent tagging for anti counterfeit and provenance assurances.

Product claims validated by blockchain

Your product’s unique digital identity

Authenticate, transfer, and track products by creating digital identities and custom experiences that are accessed with mobile device interaction. Simply use the Everledger Platform to add to an object’s provenance record with richer details such as who created it, where it was made, and how it came to be. Then, easily configure a secure landing page that’s consistent with your brand and reached only through your product.

By applying a security layer of IoT sensors, intelligent labelling, synthetic DNA, or machine vision, product authentication and ownership events can write new information to the blockchain for the highest level of brand protection.

“By creating a digital identity for each of our bottles, we can ensure product integrity in new export markets associated with high occurrence of fraud.”



Use Identify for item-level traceability & engagement

With Identify, brands can tell more accurate provenance stories and engage with the communities that use their products by utilising a robust toolset in the Everledger Platform.


  • Everledger helps brands to create item-level identities based on quality characteristics, production details, and transactions along the supply chain.
  • From article numbers to stock-keeping units, objects are serialised with unique identifiers that reference its provenance data that are hashed on the blockchain.
  • Depending on the object and its authentication requirements, a range of options are available to assign, mark, chip, tag, imprint or coat the item in such a way that its digital identity can be confirmed with devices as readily accessible as a smartphone to more sophisticated lab equipment.
  • A scan of an object’s identifier reveals the characteristics, details, and events that are unique to it as an immutable record on the blockchain. This data is displayed in a consistent storyline that demonstrates accurate provenance as well as an object’s integrity, in cases where tamper-resistance or other authentication measures are applied.
  • Complete data provided to the Everledger Platform that meets a set of standards generates icons for an entity or object’s claims on legal, environmental, or human rights performance. These icons are also included in an object’s provenance record along with any relevant certifications that make it easier for people to trust what they buy.
  • Soon, producers can use the Everledger Platform to configure landing pages unique to each product SKU with drag-and-drop functionality to update colours, text, images, and video. Here brands can provide more options to authenticate, sign-up, purchase, claim, redeem, report or any of the multitude of actions that help bring people from an object into a brand’s world.
  • Update the object’s page throughout the year with news on its value, scarcity, warranty, disposal or any other responsibilities you have as a producer.
  • Organizations and individuals can store in their Vault digital identities where provenance records specific to each object are kept. With possession of digital identities on the Everledger Platform,  producers can transfer ownership to customers and other supply chain participants by entering their email address or phone number. This change in custody recorded on the blockchain is what provides for a clear line of sight into a single object’s origin, production, distribution, ownership, and ultimately a provenance story.
  • Customers and partners can gain access to their own Everledger Vault by simply confirming their email address or phone number to claim, transfer, or accept ownership of an object. The Vault belongs to the individual, rather than any single brand or product, and houses the immutable identity of any object on the Everledger Platform where provenance records can be shared to social media and ownership transferred to others.
  • Each time an object enters or exits the Vault, new information is written to the blockchain.
  • Producers can access the exact location, engagement, and ownership status of their objects in their analytics dashboard. With visibility into their total objects, scans over time, and site traffic generated, brands can better manage their distribution and engagement strategies.

Scan the QR code and experience Identify

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Intelligent Labelling ​

Everledger offers a range of intelligent labelling solutions from data matrix codes, to synthetic markers, to encrypted near field communication (NFC) tags that detect tampering, each read natively with mobile devices.

These identifiers are associated with an object’s specific number in a cryptographic encoding process and direct to a dedicated web page accessible only by interacting with that specific object.


  • Consumer analytics
  • Blockchain authentication
  • Rolling code verification
  • Tamper detection
  • Consumer analytics
  • Blockchain authentication
  • Serialisation service
  • WeChat interoperability

Use Case: MYMCQ

The global platform for the MCQ community

When the Alexander McQueen fashion house launched its blockchain-powered MCQ platform in 2020, it enabled collaborators and collectors to securely trade items peer-to-peer, and create a community of like-minded people.

By tracking physical goods with NFC tags that are registered on the blockchain, Everledger helped to create secure and permanent digital records of an asset’s origin, characteristics and ownership across its lifetime.

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