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Everledger wins major Australian Government critical minerals blockchain pilot project​

Brisbane, 12 July 2021 | View as PDF

Multi-award winning digital transparency company Everledger is pleased to announce it has been successful in winning a A$3 million pilot project from the Australian Government.

The world’s first digital blockchain pilot for critical minerals is a collaboration between Everledger and significant contributors from Australia and world experts.

Everledger’s blockchain technology will be used to create a ‘digital certification’ for critical minerals throughout the supply chain from extraction to processing and export to global markets. The pilot will help companies in the sector adhere to compliance regulations and increase the demand for Australian minerals in global markets while also simplifying the process and lowering costs.

Everledger Founder and CEO Leanne Kemp said: “We are thrilled to win this pilot project from the Australian Government. The race is on for rare earths and other critical minerals. Australian critical minerals are some of the highest quality in the world. More importantly, they are the essential building blocks for the clean energy technologies of the future.”

“Today’s electric vehicle batteries, electronics batteries, wind turbines, charging stations, solar panels, and transmission lines cannot be built without copper, lithium, nickel or cobalt and other critical minerals.

“This Australian pilot will strengthen domestic mineral supply chains, reduce the reliance on foreign minerals, and minimize carbon emissions. I am pleased this pilot project places Australia at the top of an ethical, sustainable supply chain.”

The pilot will be conducted across Australia with key partners such as CSIRO and Data61 and coordinated from Everledger’s Brisbane base.

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