Louise Mercer

Chief Experience Officer (CXO)

Louise’s superpower is to absorb a lot of wide-ranging information and make sense of it to inform action. This makes her particularly adaptive to change and able to move through uncertainty. As Everledger’s Chief Experience Officer, she is responsible for integrating and aligning our Employee experiences with our Customer experiences to create the best outcomes for all. Practically this includes customer success and feedback, marketing, people & culture functions – or anything across the business that needs collaboration.  Louise and her family have supported a number of individuals and entities largely in education, poverty alleviation and justice for a long time with time, skills and financially. This has included building schools in Cambodia, Papua New Guinea and India, setting up microenterprises in Myanmar, and funding those who can make a difference locally. Louise considers one of the most powerful things she can do is to create fair, transparent and accountable supply chains that enable inclusion.

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