Rakalene Condon

Head of Product 

Rakalene, our Head of Product, has a wealth of experience in management, analysis, design, development, delivery and post-launch operational assessment and modification of new products and solutions. Rakalene will lead efforts across our product team to unite customer requirements with technical solutions to deliver thoughtful and practical solutions, creating transformative, intuitive solutions that increase transparency and trust through supply chains.

Previous colleagues would say she has a knack for translating technical things & explaining them in a way that makes sense to everyone. 

Rakalene is passionate about the power we have to change the world, both professionally and in our personal lives.

Rakalene’s accolades are impressive, including having won a women in product award for innovative product-management. 

In her spare time, Rakalene enjoys riding her bike with the wind in her hair or camping with her family.

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