Resource hub - Diamond manufacturer

This page is dedicated to Diamond manufacturers, and can be used as a quick access guide for any resources you may need on the everledger platform.

My Account:

For logging in and managing your account:

Login to the platform.

Manage my account.

Getting Started:

Quickstart guide (Onboarding Diamond Manufacturer) – Powerpoint presented during onboarding process

Link to knowledge base/FAQ

Everledger Platform Materials:

Release Notes 

CSV Templates

API Documentation (coming soon)

Widget integration How-To Explainer (coming soon)

Data ingestion explainer (coming soon)

Here’s a video on our commitment to data integrity!

Telling my story:

Marketing Materials – media kit (coming soon)

Help centre and resources:

Service desk

Book a call with my account manager

Tutorials (coming soon)

Preparation to receive sales enquiries (coming soon)

Requesting sftp to post sample files for analysis (coming soon)

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