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Everledger Business Practices and Energy Goals

At Everledger, we have offset CEO travel since 2018. Additionally, we measure our team’s global travel to expand offset and investment in long-term climate benefits. For Earth Day 2020, we began the “Be Enviro Smart” campaign to incorporate energy saving at home and the office. 
Our Ethical purchasing criteria: 
  • Company Values
  • Product lifecycle management
  • Materials/Production Standards
  • End-of-Life recycling opportunities 
  • Carbon offsetting or renewable energy
  • BCorp status or contribution of 1% of the planet.

We have estimated the Wood, Water, Money and Time savings by going digital in our transactions. We utilized the calculator available through Docusign. These calculators are available for many sustainability practices and activities.

How we incorporate Sustainability

At Everledger, we develop sustainable products alongside our customers utilizing the Circular economy framework.

Additionally we participate in activities that make our corporate practices more efficient, and provide educational opportunities for our staff to become sustainability champions at home. We offer a host of opportunities for our team members to continue to manage their work-life balance and have a meaningful impact on their communities.

In 2019, we piloted a number of independent and regional volunteering programs and continue to actively pursue volunteering opportunities for employees to participate in that align with our corporate sustainability goals. 

We have also seen a number of employee-led community engagement initiatives delivered over the last year, most recently including efforts to fundraise for the Australian wildfires relief and two Italian hospitals in critical need of medical supplies during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

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Energy Use and Sustainable Business Practices

Sustainability is at the fore-front of our culture at Everledger. 

For us, it operates via two vectors: the impact enabled by our products and services, as well as our internal programmes.

At Everledger we practice the following SDG's:

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