A blockchain platform for transparency and provenance

For Suppliers

The Everledger platform allows all stakeholders along the supply chain to see the lifetime story of an asset — from origin to sustainability metrics — by tracking ownership of its digital identity on a private blockchain. This makes supply chain information easier to verify and demonstrates product claims as a secure, unalterable record.


 Save time and paperwork with traceable, audit-ready data that makes compliance more efficient.

Meet changing demands and buying behavior by making materials with verifiable provenance easy to discover.

For Brands

Brands that offer transparency into the positive effects of their sourcing practices better connect with the customers of the future. Everledger helps to surface these insights for greater supply chain visibility, and an authentic back-story for consumers to access via smartphone interaction with any garment.


Activate a garment’s item history that’s reflective of distribution, production, and base material sourcing.

Build confidence in claims of origin, legality, environment, and human rights with transactions immutably recorded on the blockchain.

Blockchain-backed product authentication

Everledger helps brands to create item-level identities and works with system integrators in identifying those materials, garments and luxury goods with numbers, codes, and other IDs throughout the supply chain to continually reconcile that the physical object and its digital record are indeed the same. Mobile device interaction with intelligent labels provides insight into origin events that are accessible only by scanning that specific garment.

Logging the benefits of blockchain fashion sustainability and traceability

Transparency for the fashion industry is no quick fix. If one imagines the sheer number of different connections and stakeholders involved in sourcing materials, shipping them to site, manufacturing, retailing, packaging and marketing – it’s no great shock to learn that an item’s environmental and social footprint is immense. In truth, many brands only have line of sight to those closest to them in the supply chain – not the other numerous links in the chain – meaning that influence and also accuracy around provenance is a monumental challenge.

How fashion brands are taking advantage of blockchain apparel

The narrative around fast fashion – associated with opaque supply chains, unsustainable sourcing, high water usage and global transportation – has tarnished the whole industry. Brands feel compelled to put distance between themselves and the ‘bad apples’, by demonstrating that their raw materials, and especially products such as animal skin, are fully traceable to sustainable and high-welfare sources.

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